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Your Metro Mayor

I am proud to be the first directly elected Metro Mayor of Liverpool City Region. For too long I believe too many decisions about our future were taken by people too far away, who didn’t know enough or care enough about our region. Devolution gives us a huge opportunity to realise the strengths and potential of our six boroughs and all our communities.

  • Working with my Combined Authority colleagues, I want to deliver a confident, dynamic and prosperous City Region that will be a positive economic and creative asset for the UK.
  • We want to drive prosperity, encourage innovation and expand opportunities for people and communities in every part of our City Region.
  • We’re a place with an extraordinary story and outstanding physical and economic assets. We have a recognizable global brand and an abundance of creative energy.
  • It’s a new beginning – a different kind of politics that’s rooted in the values we share and the things that matter most to our communities
  • We’re not just another tier of government. We’re here to make a difference and provide a new kind of democratic leadership for our region that’s strategic, visionary and engaged.
  • It’s a chance to bring our region together by pooling our strengths and talents to our mutual advantage.
  • It’s a chance to enhance our influence and put ourselves on the map nationally and internationally

My manifesto set out a vision based on five key themes that set out the kind of City Region we want to build for the future. These will be our guiding principles that will help us to choose our priorities and make our policies.


We will make Liverpool City Region a driver for economic prosperity and a hub for technological innovation. We will be recognized nationally and internationally as a pioneering City Region that nurtures the talent and potential of all our people.


We will put fairness at the heart of everything we do, every policy we pursue and every choice we make as a City Region.


We will make Liverpool City Region the greenest UK City Region by safeguarding our natural environment and setting standards for sustainable development, renewable energy, and low carbon solutions.


We will deliver world-class connectivity through physical and digital infrastructure to drive growth, and expand opportunities for the City Region, its communities and all its people.


We will build a strong, confident and united region City Region with world-class assets and potential and a shared vision for the future – stronger together and more than the sum of our parts  

To contact the Metro Mayor please either call on 0151 330 1467 or CLICK HERE to send an email.